Amazon API Gateway
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This Course covers Amazon's API Gateway service, which will help you create some incredibly robust APIs for your workloads. We'll look at the different types of APIs you can create and the fundamentals of how API Gateway works.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what types of APIs API gateway can create
  • Learn about the general differences between those API types
  • Learn how an API Gateway functions at a high level

Intended Audience

  • Solution architects
  • Developers
  • Anyone interested in creating their own business-ready APIs


To get the most out of this Course, you should have a decent understanding of cloud computing and cloud architectures, specifically on Amazon Web Services. It would be helpful to know about HTTP and web technologies in general, but it's not essential.


If you wanna build an API in AWS the easy way, API gateway offers a fully managed and well featured path for success. With it's three different API options, the HTTP API, the Rest API and the WebSocket API, there is a choice for all seasons. The only difficult part is trying to determine which of the three is best for your architecture. API gateway provides a platform that gives you options for authentication, authorization, management and of caching your APIs calls, all without having to deal with any of the underlying infrastructure if you were building it on your own. You can even optimize how your API is exposed, where it sits relative to your customer base. Be it publicly, on the edge with Amazon Cloudfront or in a region sitting next to your backend services, or to have it totally private just for your sole use.

Overall API gateway is a fantastic service with a lot of nuance and great features that any development team might hope for. Well, that's all I have for you in this lecture. My name is Will Meadows and I'd like to thank you for spending your time here learning about APIs and API Gateway. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please contact us here at Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

About the Author

William Meadows is a passionately curious human currently living in the Bay Area in California. His career has included working with lasers, teaching teenagers how to code, and creating classes about cloud technology that are taught all over the world. His dedication to completing goals and helping others is what brings meaning to his life. In his free time, he enjoys reading Reddit, playing video games, and writing books.