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In this course, we explain the basics of AWS CodeBuild and how it can be used to compile, build, and test your source code. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of the AWS CodeBuild service, including 

  • What the service is and the benefit it provides 
  • What a buildspec file is 
  • How to use AWS CodeBuild to create a deployable artifact 

Intended Audience

  • Those who are implementing and managing software builds on AWS
  • Those who are looking to take a certification, such as the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification



Hello and welcome to the final lecture, where I’ll briefly summarize some of the core points I mentioned in the course. 

In this course, we discussed AWS CodeBuild and covered what the service is, how to use it, as well as some of the core aspects of the buildspec file

To recap, AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed build service that’s designed to compile your source code, run unit tests, and create a deployable artifact. Since it’s fully managed, it does all of this without you having to provision, scale, and maintain your own build servers. 

When you use CodeBuild, the first thing you’ll do is create a CodeBuild project. With this project, you’ll specify all of the information needed to perform your build. For example, you’ll specify what docker image CodeBuild uses to create your build environment. 

The build environment contains everything you need to execute a build. However, you still need to instruct CodeBuild how to build your code - which you do in the buildspec file. The buildspec file is a YAML file where you can specify environment variables, reporting information, information about how to batch your build, and most importantly, commands on how to build your artifact. 

For CodeBuild to properly use your buildspec file, you need to first name the file buildspec.yml and then place it in the root directory of your source code. Finally, when a build project completes, you have the option to save your build artifacts out to an S3 bucket.

If you’d like some hands-on experience with AWS CodeBuild, check out the following lab titled: 

AWS CodeBuild Challenge

That brings us to the end of this video. Once again, my name is Alana Layton and I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please contact us at Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you and till next time!

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