Introduction to CSS Syntax
Introduction to CSS Syntax

This practical course offers a brief introduction to CSS Syntax. CSS uses a selector, a property, and the property's value to apply CSS.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the CSS Selector
  • Learn about the CSS Declaration Structure
  • Learn about the CSS Property
  • Learn about the CSS Property Value

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn about CSS.


Anyone with an interest in CSS in general.


Introduction to CSS Syntax. On the screen, I have CSS syntax and I'm gonna explain what is each portion of its structure. It begins with the selector and the CSS selector is the element or elements you wish to target. In this example, I'm targeting all paragraphs. The curly brackets are the beginning and the end of the declaration block and inside of the declaration block is where the CSS declarations are located at. There can be singular or multiple declarations. The declaration begins with the CSS property that will be modified. In this case, it is the font size. The colon after the property is the separator, to the right of the colon, is where the CSS property value will be set. In this case, 26 pixels.

After the CSS property value, the declaration is terminated with a semicolon. Now, in this example, I only have one declaration but multiple declarations could be written within the declaration block. Each declaration must follow the same pattern including the termination of each statement with a semicolon. It is considered a best practice to place each CSS declaration on its own line making it easier for yourself or others to read. And that's it, thanks for watching at Cloud Academy.

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