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Overview of Introduction to Cyber Security Apply stage activity

Welcome to your Apply stage for Introduction to Cyber Security.

There are six steps involved in this Apply stage:

  1. Identify your workplace activity:
    • Ensure you have familiarised yourself with the brief for this Apply stage. This is detailed in the next step.
    • Ensure you are aware of the <LD: delete as appropriate – knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs)/knowledge and performance (K&Ps)> required for this module. The <LD: delete as appropriate – KSBs/K&Ps)> for this module are covered in the later in this Learning Path.
    • Identify an activity or project at work to apply the <LD: delete as appropriate – knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs)/knowledge and performance (K&Ps)> required for this module.
  2. Discuss your workplace activity with your line manager:
    • Discuss your proposed workplace activity for the Apply stage with your line manager or the person responsible for your work.
    • Agree with your line manager, in greater detail, the workplace activity that you would like to complete. Your line manager should support you during this initial planning process and ensure that your chosen activity is appropriate for the module and your job.
  3. Submit your summary:
    • Describe and document your workplace activity as a summary.
    • Explain who will support you and who you will talk to during the completion of your workplace activity.
    • Ensure your summary explains how you will apply the <LD: delete as appropriate – KSBs/K&Ps)>.
    • Submit your summary within three days of this Apply stage start date on Bud via Messages and Submissions.
  4. DLC check:
    • Your DLC will check your summary and ensure your workplace activity meets the <LD: delete as appropriate – KSBs/K&Ps)>, and that it’s suitable for your portfolio.
    • Your DLC will also confirm with you the due date for completion of the workplace activity and final submission, which is a written report of your workplace activity.
  5. Complete your workplace activity:
    • Complete your workplace activity in the timescale provided by your DLC.
    • Collate evidence and examples for your final submission as you complete your workplace activity. Remember, work that you produce in the Apply stage will be used in your end-point assessment to demonstrate your knowledge and skills gained throughout this apprenticeship.
  6. Upload your final submission:
    • Describe and document your workplace activity as a summary in a Word doc, or similar.
    • Ensure summary demonstrates that you will apply the <LD: delete as appropriate – KSBs/K&Ps)>.
    • Document your unique contribution that you have made to your workplace.
    • Upload your final submission in Bud.


Figure 1: Six steps of the Apply stage

The Apply stage activity you complete during this apprenticeship programme will build your portfolio of evidence.

This portfolio of evidence will underpin your professional discussion, which is part of your end-point assessment (EPA), where you can demonstrate your competence and contribution and (critically) how you have met the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) from the apprenticeship standard.

Before you get to your EPA, you will have the opportunity to compile and refine your portfolio as part of your preparations for the professional discussion. It’s recommended that you familiarise yourself with the KSBs, which you can do all the way through your apprenticeship. This will ensure that you can talk confidently about how you've met them in your EPA.


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This Course provides you with information about how to get started; and how to create, structure and submit your Apply stage activity evidence for Introduction to Cyber Security.

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