Google Cloud Datastore

9m 17s

This brief course provides an introduction to two Google NoSQL database offerings: Firestore and Datastore. We'll start by exploring the basic functionality of Cloud Firestore and how it's used with App Engine, as well as how it compares to Datastore. After that, we'll dive deeper into Cloud Datastore, covering queries, indexes, entity groups, and transactions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the purpose of Cloud Firestore
  • Understand the relationship between Cloud Datastore and Cloud Firestore
  • Learn when to choose Datastore Mode in Firestore and explain how to use Datastore with App Engine
  • Learn about queries, indexes, entity groups, and transactions in Datastore

Intended Audience

  • Database administrators
  • Google Cloud architects
  • Anyone looking to learn more about Firestore and Datastore


To get the most out of this course, you should have prior experience working with databases and with Google Cloud Platform in general.

About the Author
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Ben Lambert is a software engineer and was previously the lead author for DevOps and Microsoft Azure training content at Cloud Academy. His courses and learning paths covered Cloud Ecosystem technologies such as DC/OS, configuration management tools, and containers. As a software engineer, Ben’s experience includes building highly available web and mobile apps. When he’s not building software, he’s hiking, camping, or creating video games.

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