Introduction to Microservices, Containers, and ECS

17m 55s

This lesson covers microservices and how a microservices-based architecture differs from a monolithic architecture. It also explains what containers are and how you can create your own and then run them in AWS using the Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about microservices and the benefits that a microservice-based architecture or application has over a monolithic application 
  • Understand the difference between containers and virtual machines
  • Learn how to create your own containers and run them within ECS and deploy them either serverlessly or on ec2 instances

Intended Audience

  • Solutions architects, developers, or anyone interested in learning about containerized workloads within the AWS cloud


To get the most out of this lesson, you should have a decent understanding of cloud computing and cloud architectures, specifically with Amazon Web Services.



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