Microsoft 365 Admin Centers Demo
Microsoft 365 Admin Centers Demo

In this course, we take an introductory look at administration within Microsoft 365.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Describe user licensing, roles, and reporting in the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Explain how Microsoft 365 helps manage applications and devices
  • Understand the Microsoft support structure for Microsoft 365 services

Intended Audience

  • Users new to Microsoft 365
  • Users who want to learn the administrative tools and capabilities available within Microsoft 365


To get the most out of this course, you should have an understanding of general technical concepts. 


Welcome to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This is your one stop shop for managing anything within your Microsoft 365 subscription. As you can see on the rail to the left, I have a few frequently used options for users, teams and groups, billing, and setup. If we click 'Show all', we can see just how many tools we have at our disposal. We can access support and service requests, view reports about our app usage across the organization, and view the overall health of our business right from here. You may notice that we have a list of admin centers down here and this is generally where we would navigate in order to find an admin center for our specific tool. 

If I click on all admin centers, you can see there's quite a few different centers to manage different tools across your organization. Let's go over for you to give you an idea of each. The Azure Active Directory Admin Center allows you to manage identities within Azure Active Directory, enable and disable certain security options like multifactor authentication or password protection, and even reset user passwords right from the admin dashboard. The compliance center is your one stop shop for compliance within Microsoft 365. From here, you have tools that provide you suggestions and quick step by step guides to improve your overall compliance posture. 

The exchange admin center pertains to any and all settings for email across the organization. Things like creating new groups or mail tracing can be found here. Skipping a few, we have the Microsoft 365 Security Center, also known as Microsoft 365 Defender. In here, you can view security reports, manage policies and rules, and view your organization's secure score and be given suggestions on how to improve your company's overall security posture. As for the rest of these options, they're all app specific admin centers where you can adjust settings and users within each of those applications. The Teams admin center, as you may have guessed, is where you can go to manage settings within Teams, while the SharePoint admin center is where you go to manage SharePoint. Now that we have a basic understanding of the admin centers, let's go take a look at some basic user management.


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Lee has spent most of his professional career learning as much as he could about PC hardware and software while working as a PC technician with Microsoft. Once covid hit, he moved into a customer training role with the goal to get as many people prepared for remote work as possible using Microsoft 365. Being both Microsoft 365 certified and a self-proclaimed Microsoft Teams expert, Lee continues to expand his knowledge by working through the wide range of Microsoft certifications.