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Power Virtual Agents is part of the Microsoft Power Platform and is a useful tool for creating automated chatbots to help guide users on a path.

This course will teach you how to use and build your own chatbots. You will learn how to identify common components like topics, entities, and actions, as well as how to build chatbots that can be started with keywords.

Also, you will learn how to prepare your bots for use on websites, Teams, and other channels. This course will help you in preparing for Microsoft certification.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the different uses for Power Virtual Agents
  • Create topics with questions, conditions, messages, and links
  • Find and use entities to structure your data
  • Test and deploy your bots
  • Keep tabs on the analytics of your agents to track usage and performance

Intended Audience

  • IT professionals who are interested in obtaining a Microsoft certification
  • Those who would like to help customers and teams find the right information quickly through an automated chatbot


There are no prerequisites for this course. The application to create Power Virtual Agents is free to try and anyone with a Microsoft license can use it.


It's been great to have you in the class, and I hope that you have learned the information you need to get started on your way to being a Power Virtual Agent expert. This course has taught you about the possibilities with Power Virtual Agents, or Chatbots.

We have learned about the different types of agents, uses for agents, talked extensively about the components of our virtual agents. We have learned about the necessity for triggers and how to add actions. We've learned how to connect topics together and test our results.

We've also learned how to move things to channels. We went through creating a chatbot, and if you practice along with the demo, you should be able to put your personal touch into your own bot and help it do whatever you need it to do. You now have the tools.

Continue to build your skills and explore more of the Power Platform by listening in on other courses in the Cloud Fundamentals section. Thank you for your attendance and please reach out if you need anything.

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Ron brings this experience together to design SharePoint solutions that meet his client’s business, training, and collaboration needs. His skillset includes: Program Management, Change Management, SharePoint Site Administration and Architecture, Project Management, Graphic Design, and Technology Infrastructure Expertise. Ron is an expert skier and speaks Japanese as a second language.