Introduction to Snowflake
Course Intro
1h 33m

Snowflake is an insanely cool next generation SaaS data warehousing solution that operates in the cloud!

Engineered from the ground up, Snowflake takes advantage of the elasticity that the cloud provides – and is truly revolutionary in every aspect.

Harnessing the power of the cloud, Snowflake has unique capabilities in the form of unlimited and instant scalability, making it perhaps the ultimate data warehouse solution. Cloud elasticity is very much at the heart of Snowflake – making its unique architecture and value proposition difficult to compete with in the market.

From an end user perspective, Snowflake is incredibly appealing. Building data warehouses and petabyte data scaled solutions without having to worry about on-prem compute and storage issues means your focus remains solely on the data itself and even more importantly, the analytics you derive from

In this course, you'll learn about the many distinguishing features that set Snowflake apart from its competitors.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Snowflake and how it can provision cloud-hosted data warehouses
  • Learn how to administrate a Snowflake data warehouse
  • Learn how to scale Snowflake data warehouses instantly and on-demand
  • Learn how to use Snowflake to perform analytics on petabyte scale and beyond datasets

Intended Audience

  • Anyone interested in learning about Snowflake, and the benefits of using it to build a data warehouse in the cloud


To get the most from this course, it would help to have a basic understanding of:

  • Basic Cloud and SaaS knowledge
  • Basic DBA knowledge
  • Basic SQL knowledge

Hello and welcome to this course on Snowflake presented to you by Cloud Academy. In this lesson, I'll cover off the course agenda, intended audience, learning objectives, and course prerequisites. Now, I'm really excited to be taking you through this course. Snowflake has, without doubt, revolutionized the data warehousing landscape. I'm Jeremy Cook, a content lead architect here at Cloud Academy. My background is in software engineering, DevOps, Kubernetes, cloud, and data science.

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in learning Snowflake from the ground up. Taking this course, you'll learn how Snowflake can be used to launch and provision petabyte scale data warehouses underpinned by the power of the cloud. This course will take you through the Snowflake fundamentals, making sure that you understand the basics.

Our learning objectives for this course include the following: you'll learn about Snowflake and how it can be used to provision cloud hosted data warehouses; you'll learn how to administrate a Snowflake hosted data warehouse; you'll learn how to scale instantly and on-demand a Snowflake data warehouse. And of course, you'll learn how to use Snowflake to perform SQL analytics using SQL on big data size datasets. 

Prerequisites for which would be considered useful for this course are basic cloud and SaaS or Software as a Service knowledge, basic DBA knowledge, and/or basic knowledge of the SQL language. We welcome any and all feedback. If you have any unanswered questions about this course or would like to see and hear of other Snowflake-related features, then please reach out.


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Jeremy is a Content Lead Architect and DevOps SME here at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing DevOps technical training documentation.

He has a strong background in software engineering, and has been coding with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 25+ years. In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on DevOps, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), Security, Kubernetes, and Machine Learning.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes (CKA, CKAD, CKS).