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The Tableau Public portal is searchable by topic using the magnifying glass icon, whether you are signed into your profile or not. The search works with keywords, author names and tags, returning all author and viz listings relevant to the search criteria. This allows anyone to explore what visualisations can be made against a given topic, to identify new data sources and get inspiration from visuals or design.

 Screenshot of the Tableau Public portal showing the search option

| Image: the search field on Tableau public |

Downloading vizzes

In general, all the vizzes on Tableau Public are downloadable, but there are some optional configuration options you can set after you publish a viz so that you get limited download options should you wish to.

Most authors will allow you to download the data they used, the whole workbook and a pdf or image of the viz, for personal use. When you download the workbook in a compatible version of Tableau (for Tableau Public use the default current version), it is possible to open the workbook locally and see what went into the design, including the use of the marks card and any customisations to the data, interactivity and imagery.

A viz download menu that is showing the option to select to download to image, data, crosstab, PDF, PowerPoint, Tableau workbook file formats

| Image: Viz download menu  |

Next, you will learn what interactivity options there are when using vizzes.  



1h 20m

Welcome to the Introduction to Tableau part of the training. Here, you'll learn about the software’s main functionalities, how to create visualisations and filtering as well as publishing options. You will also explore the Tableau Public portal and be introduced to the Tableau Public community as well as learn more about searching content, downloading and interactivity options.

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