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Tableau Public is the biggest repository of data visualisations in the world and is used by different types of people, from schoolchildren to businesses and graphic designers, in order to develop and share visual representations of data. It is completely free to use, and it is also held as the most up to date version of the Tableau software so creates a perfect testing environment for new releases. There are rewards for being a Tableau Public ambassador or a gifted viz designer, including the annual IronViz competition.

Because the community is so large and diverse there are many activities, support structures and resources to help you get started with the app. A terrific way to access Tableau help and videos is through YouTube, where you can search the words Tableau and any given topic and find video tutorials to walk you through how to use any of the features. You will also find introductory materials on the Tableau website and on Tableau Public directly.

screenshot of The Tableau resources site with links to resources and the community

| Image: Tableau resources |

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1h 20m

Welcome to the Introduction to Tableau part of the training. Here, you'll learn about the software’s main functionalities, how to create visualisations and filtering as well as publishing options. You will also explore the Tableau Public portal and be introduced to the Tableau Public community as well as learn more about searching content, downloading and interactivity options.

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