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One great source of inspiration for what is possible with Tableau is the Viz of the Day.

Every weekday the Tableau Public team selects a viz from any author on the portal and highlights it as the Viz of the Day. It is often about a current topic, such as a sports event, political change, or trending social theme.

 You can subscribe to it in order to receive daily drops into your inbox, access it from the Tableau public app or save it as a bookmark on your browser to dip into whenever you like. You will find the link to Viz of the Day on the right when you launch Tableau Public on your computer. It’s always accompanied by a thumbnail which might capture your attention.

It can be fun to browse past vizzes to see what caught the eye of the Tableau Public team. Some are very complex design concepts, but others are beautifully presented infographic styles with simple plots. You can add any Tableau Public viz as a favourite by clicking on the star.

screenshot of the Tableau Public site showing the location of the thumbnail of the viz and the option to add to favourites

| Image: Tableau Public: Viz of the day |

Next, you will learn how to search for specific topics on the Tableau Public portal and download vizzes.


1h 20m

Welcome to the Introduction to Tableau part of the training. Here, you'll learn about the software’s main functionalities, how to create visualisations and filtering as well as publishing options. You will also explore the Tableau Public portal and be introduced to the Tableau Public community as well as learn more about searching content, downloading and interactivity options.

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