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In this course, we will learn about some of the Amazon Web Services or (AWS) Storage Solutions and compare them to the Amazon Elastic File System offering. Comparing the options gives us some context when trying to determine which solution is appropriate for a given situation, and help us understand how EFS fits into the ecosystem of Amazon Storage options. Next, we will dive into EFS and describe the Amazon Elastic File system. We will talk about the benefits of using Amazon EFS, and describe specific features of the service. Then, we will discuss some typical use cases for the Amazon Elastic File System. And finally, we will describe how to find Amazon EFS in the AWS console, and give a brief overview of how it is usually configured. Authored by Sarah Blatnik and narrated by Mark Thomas.


So, what have we learned in this course? Now we can describe the features and benefits of the Elastic File System, we can compare similar storage solutions such as Amazon S3, EBS, and EFS and describe the benefits and differences of those solutions. We can explain when it's appropriate to use the Elastic File System. We can now locate the Elastic File System option in the AWS console and discuss configuration options and we can give some examples of use case scenarios for the Elastic File System. I hope you enjoyed this basic introduction to the Amazon the Elastic File System. We've explored some of the Amazon storage solutions and identified when it's useful and beneficial to use Amazon EFS. If you're interested in learning more about this solution please browse the CloudAcademy catalog for courses that cover the Elastic File System.

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