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Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Container Engine (GKE)


Course Introduction
Course Conclusion

Course Description:

GKE is Google’s container management and orchestration service that allows you to run your containers at scale. GKE provides a managed Kubernetes infrastructure that gives you the power of Kubernetes while allowing you to focus on deploying and running your container clusters.

Intended audience:

  • This course is for developers or operations engineers looking to deploy containerized applications and/or services on Google’s Cloud Platform.
  • Viewers should have a basic understanding of containers. Some familiarity with the Google Cloud Platform will also be helpful but is not required.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the containerization functionality available on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Create and manage a container cluster in GKE.
  • Deploy your application to a GKE container cluster.

This Course Includes:

  • 45 minutes of high-definition video
  • Hands on demo

What You'll Learn:

  • Course Intro: What to expect from this course
  • GKE Platform: In this lesson, we’ll start digging into Docker, Kubernetes, and CLI.
  • GKE Infrastructure: Now that we understand a bit more about the platform, we’ll get into Docker images and K8 orchestration.
  • Cluster Creation: In this lesson, we’ll demo through the steps necessary to create a GKE cluster.
  • Application and Service Publication: In this live demo we’ll create a Kubernetes pod.
  • Cluster Management: In this lesson, we’ll discuss how you update a cluster and rights management.
  • Summary: A wrap-up and summary of what we’ve learned in this course.

Hello. And welcome to the Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Container Engine course from CloudAcademy. In this course, we'll be walking through the various services that make up GKE. You will learn about those services and how they allow for set up, deployment, and management of containerized applications and services on Google's Cloud Platform.

My name is Steve Porter. I'm a Practice Lead and Cloud Architect. And if you would like to learn more about me, feel free to go to my LinkedIn page at the link shown on the screen. So moving into who should attend this course. As you may be able to tell, in order to complete this course, you should have a basic understanding in software deployment and cloud computing. You don't need to have any experience actually deploying containerized solutions. But it might be beneficial for you to come into the course understanding the verbiage around things like Containers, Docker, VMs and Kubernetes.

Throughout this course, we're gonna start out by talking about what containerization on GKE means and what are the Google Cloud Platform components that make up GKE and make containerization possible. We will then dig in and show you how to setup a container cluster and deploy your own application or services to that cluster. And you will come out of the course understanding what GKE is and how you can use it to utilize and host your own containerized solutions. Throughout this course, you're gonna learn the 10,000 foot view of what makes up GKE.

You're gonna learn the components, the services and the functionality that allows you to deploy your own containerized solutions. You're gonna learn to come into this not knowing much about GKE, but at the end of the course you'll be able to deploy your own containerized solutions onto GKE. In the next section we're gonna talk about the various components that make up the GKE Platform.

About the Author
Steve Porter
Cloud Architect

Steve is a consulting technology leader for Slalom Atlanta, a Microsoft Regional Director, and a Google Certified Cloud Architect. His focus for the past 5+ years has been IT modernization and cloud adoption with implementations across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and numerous hybrid/private cloud platforms. Outside of work, Steve is an avid outdoorsman spending as much time as possible outside hiking, hunting, and fishing with his family of five.