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Introduction to IAM
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Introduction to IAM

As your organization grows, more and more people are going to need access to your cloud resources. The ability to create and assign granular permissions is crucial to ensure the safety of your data and to avoid unauthorized access to reserved information.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the AWS tool that gives you centralized control over your AWS resources. It allows you to create fine-grained policies using JSON syntax to grant unique privileges to each and every available resource. This course will tell you everything you need to know to get started hardening your infrastructure.

Who should take this course

As a beginner to intermediate course, you'll require no previous experience, nevertheless some knowledge of AWS and its main services (like EC2 and S3) would really help you better understanding the concepts you'll encounter. You may therefore want to check out other AWS courses before tackling this tutorial.

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Hi, and welcome to's Video Series on IAM the AWS Identity and Access Management System.

In this course, we'll explore the key elements of the IAM system and learn how to use it to effectively control access to your AWS resources. We'll learn about controlling users, groups, roles, access policies, multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA, and about tracking authentication events through logs.

By way of an introduction IM features centralized control of users, security credentials and user access including problematic API access, safe and easy sharing of AWS resources and control over their creation and life cycles, organized resource access by job profile according to the need to know. Easily upgraded which means removed or added permissions, and control over resources and data, and integrated resources within secure and logical networking architectures.

So let's through the next videos dive in to AWS' IAM.

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