Introduction to Prometheus


Introduction to Prometheus
What is Prometheus?

In this course, we take a look at the Tsar of monitoring tools - Prometheus. Prometheus is the second hosted project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, right next to the container orchestrating software - Kubernetes. Prometheus is an open-sourced systems monitoring and alerting toolkit with additional capabilities in service discovery.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand and define the Prometheus monitoring tool
  • Learn the core features of the tool
  • Breakdown and understand the core components of the service
  • Learn how to set up node exporters and a Prometheus monitor

Intended Audience

  • DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, and cloud engineers
  • Anyone looking to up their monitoring expertise with an open-source monitoring tool


To get the most out of this course, you should have some familiarity with monitoring tools. Experience using a Terminal, Git, Bash, or Shell would be beneficial but not essential. 

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Hello hello hello, and welcome to an introduction to Prometheus My name is Jonathan Lewey and I'm a DevOps Content Creator here at Cloud Academy. If you have any questions about this course or other DevOps content, feel free to reach out to me through one of these channels. I'm also available for Fireside Chats if you want.

Let's talk about who should attend this course. This course is suitable for those who are looking to up their monitoring expertise with one of the number one open source monitoring tools, DevOps engineers, site- reliability engineers, and Cloud engineers.

There are some prerequisites to this course but they're more nice to have than anything else. Starting with a familiarity with monitoring tools. You should be having an eager attitude to learn about Prometheus, comfortable poking around in a web GUI, in terminal or bash experience is advice as we're going to be standing up our own Prometheus server and as well as three node exporters at the end of this course.

For our course overview, we're going to be first starting with what is Prometheus? We're going to be defining it and then talking about what it's not. From there, we're going to be opening up the core set of its features further breaking it out through its components.

Essentially, what makes up Prometheus? From its pushgateway to the server, to the WebUI, to our alertmanager and finally our exporters. Lastly, we're going to be touching on some examples with the provided Github Repo and my personal challenge to you.

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact That does it for the introduction. Let's jump into defining Prometheus. Hope to see you there.


What is Prometheus? - Features Overview - Components Overview - Demonstration - Closing Out

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Jonathan Lewey is a DevOps Content Creator at Cloud Academy. With experience in the Networking and Operations of the traditional Information Technology industry, he has also lead the creation of applications for corporate integrations, and served as a Cloud Engineer supporting developer teams. Jonathan has a number of specialities including: a Cisco Certified Network Associate (R&S / Sec), an AWS Developer Associate, an AWS Solutions Architect, and is certified in Project Management.

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