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How the Course Works

This course describes the structure of the overall Azure in Action: Administrator course and explains the how the discover-practise-apply model works.


- Hello and welcome to this video which will introduce you to the Azure In Action Administrator course and explain our blended learning approach to equip you with the skills you need to manage an Azure cloud infrastructure. This course takes a truly blended approach, so you get a great learning experience. You'll have access to learning materials delivered by expert Microsoft certified trainers and you can manage your own study program so it fits in with your schedule. Let's start by going through the course structure and see how our unique discover practice apply approach works. The Discover stage is where you learn the essential Microsoft Azure knowledge, the foundation for the rest of the course. Here you work through a structured program of digital learning which includes expert video tutorials and lab exercises. You have four weeks to complete this stage and to be ready for the practical workshop. So you'll need to organize your time to get everything done. The first part is an introduction to things like Azure fundamentals, Azure services, Azure security solutions and Azure pricing and support, because it's the first thing you'll do, we've kept it fairly short and it ends with the Microsoft Azure fundamentals, AZ900 practice exam which you need to pass before you can move on. The second part of the Discover stage then builds on the fundamental knowledge by diving deeper into the threshold concepts and looking at things like Azure identity, governance and compliance, Azure administration, virtual networking, virtual machines, Azure storage, server this computing and diagnostics and monitoring, because this covers more ground, it will take you longer than the first part, so you need to schedule your time before you start. You'll have another practice exam to do here. Microsoft Azure administrator AZ 104 and you need to pass this before you can attend the hands-on workshop. The study materials for the Discover stage are broken into small chunks to help you manage your time and easily pick up where you left off in your previous study session. And you might already know about some of the topics, so you can work through these quicker than others. The critical thing though, is that you must pass the two practice exams before you can move on through the course. This is where you really roll your sleeves up and get into the action. It's a three-day interactive workshop using the latest Azure technology in our custom built labs. During the workshop, you'll build an infrastructure in Azure by creating Azure AD users and groups, setting permissions and implementing multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset and policies. You'll be creating multiple networks around the world, provisioning servers in those locations to communicate with each other and setting up load balancing and a DNS service. It's a unique opportunity to put everything you've learned so far into practice, and you'll be guided by a certified Microsoft Azure expert throughout the workshop. You'll really be learning by doing and working at a pace that's right for you. Before you attend the workshop, we'll ask you to think about how you'll be using the Azure cloud in your work environment and what your role will be. That way we can help you get the most from the three days but don't worry if you're not going to be in Azure administrator straight away, you'll still get the full benefit of the workshop. After the workshop, you'll have some time to think about your personal implementation plan and if you're able to work through how you can use your new skills when you're back at work. You'll be feeling pretty good by now. You'll have all the knowledge you need and you'll have tested this by building an Azure infrastructure and creating multiple networks communicating with each other around the world. That's great but the next part of your journey is the most important bit, putting it all into practice where you work, and that means implementing your personal implementation plan and whilst you're working through your plan, your trainer will check in with you and offer coaching support. So that's how you're going to become a cloud engineer with the skills to manage an Azure cloud infrastructure, not only that you get to use the digital learning materials for 12 months, so you can refresh your memory anytime you want, and they're regularly updated so you won't miss any technology changes. As you've seen a feature of the program is your expert tutor who will support you through the eight weeks. They'll let you learn at your own pace but will be there to check in with you, provide answers when you get stuck and guide you through the practice labs in the workshop. You'll have their email address and can contact them whenever you need to. Now you're ready to start and we hope you enjoy your learning journey with us. First take a look at the detailed core structure and work out what you're going to do and when, think about the stages of your study program and start to schedule your time during the four weeks of the discover stage, then if you haven't already, take the cloud Academy tools so you know how the learning portal works. After that, it's over to you.

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