Introduction to Selecting a Cloud Platform and Designing a Highly Available Business Solution Learning Path


Learning Path Introduction
Learning Path Introduction

Introduction to Selecting a Cloud Platform and Designing a Highly Available Business Solution learning path.


- [Instructor] Hi, Cloud Academy ninjas. Now at some point you're gonna have to use your newfound cloud skills in work situations, so this learning path walks through a couple of scenarios which might help you in new situations. So the first scenario is called We're coming up with a solution for a campaign site for a new beer brand called Lounge Beer. Now, we're gonna go through the actual requirements stage where we define what the priorities are and help you work out ways to identify constraints, understand all of your technical requirements and then to start evaluating which services could be delivered on those requirements. So, we do some design for a AWS solution, we do a design for a Microsoft Azure and we do a design for Google Cloud platform. So, you can evaluate those three services yourselves. I think you'll find that process really interesting. It's really good to know what each platform can offer in a situation like that. We do a price comparison, and then do a structured walkthrough of what the build would be like. Now while all these scenarios are fictitious, we have put together the code to actually implement most of these, so you can download those from the notes field in this course if it can help you get started with any of your solution designs in future. Now, in our second scenario we take a more common use case which is a data center migration. So, we have a company who need to get out of a data center within the next nine months, so we walk through how we might approach this project and what kind of solution we might be able to come up with to help this customer migrate from their current data center into an AWS solution and look at all of the various services that we could use. The second scenario is based loosely on a workshop run by Mark Statham's Professional Services Team at AWS Reinvent, so all credit to Mark and thanks for the inspiration for this content. So, this scenario is designed to be as challenging as possible as it is out there in the real world but we want to make it as interactive as possible as well, so if you have any ideas for how you might approach this project and you want some feedback on those send them to us at so that we can help you work out your own approach to this scenario. Okay, well, if you're ready, let's get cracking into the first one. There's a couple of quiz questions along the way and we've added some labs as well just to help you start to think like a Cloud Academy ninja.

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