iOS & macOS Administration and Security


In this section, you will explore security for Apple platforms including iOS and macOS.

You will cover each of the following areas to give you a foundation in security for Apple platforms:

Intro to Apple platform security

  • Hardware Security and biometrics
  • Hardware security overview
  • Apple SoC security
  • Secure Enclave
  • Touch ID and Face ID
  • Hardware microphone disconnect
  • Express Cards with power reserve

System Security

  • System security overview
  • Secure boot
  • Secure software updates
  • Operating system integrity
  • Additional macOS system security capabilities
  • System security for watchOS
  • Random number generation
  • Apple Security Research Device

Encryption and Data Protection

  • Encryption and Data Protection overview
  • Passcodes and passwords
  • Data Protection
  • FileVault
  • How Apple protects users’ personal data
  • Digital signing and encryption

App security

  • App security overview
  • App security in iOS and iPadOS
  • App security in macOS
  • Secure features in the Notes app
  • Secure features in the Shortcuts app

Services security

  • Services security overview
  • Apple ID and Managed Apple ID
  • iCloud
  • Passcode and password management
  • Apple Pay
  • iMessage
  • Business Chat security
  • FaceTime security
  • Find My
  • Continuity
  • Apple car keys security

Network security

  • Network security overview
  • TLS security
  • IPv6 security
  • VPN security
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Bluetooth security
  • Ultra Wideband security
  • Single sign-on security
  • AirDrop security
  • Wi-Fi password sharing security
  • Firewall security

Developer kit security

  • Developer kit security overview
  • HomeKit
  • CloudKit security
  • SiriKit security
  • DriverKit security
  • ReplayKit security
  • ARKit security

Secure device management

  • Secure device management overview
  • Pairing model security
  • Mobile device management
  • Apple Configurator 2 security
  • Screen Time security

Glossary (for future reference)


  1. Download the iOS and macOS course guide | course guide |
  2. Add your name and save the document to your device.
  3. Follow the link to the learning resources and mark each one as complete on the checklist.
  4. Once you have completed all the items, write a short reflection statement summarising the key points you have learned on Apple platform security.



Here, you’ll discover the security fundamentals of Windows and learn key techniques and processes to secure Windows systems and applications, plus you will gain a thorough grounding in Apple platform security for iOS and macOS.

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