Course Summary

Welcome to the final lecture in this section where we’ll summarise everything we went over. Following this, we’ll move on to the next section, which will dive deeper into the ecosystem.

You should now have a clearer understanding when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies following this deep dive, which touched upon every aspect of the ecosystem with you.

Here is what we discussed in each lecture of this section, should you wish to refer back to them.

1. Why Day Trading Should Be Ignored For The Masses

This was something we needed to make crystal clear, how the cryptocurrency markets are so volatile. Hence we started the section with this lecture.

2. HODL Strategy

When many newbies get started in this space, they want to learn the best strategy they should be applying to maximize their returns. There in this lecture, we discussed HODL’ing, which is perhaps the safest strategy for most, but so happens has been one of the most profitable.

3. What Are Initial Coin Offerings?

Upon getting involved in the cryptocurrency space, it’s only a matter of time before you hear of initial coin offerings. Therefore, it’s something I wanted to help you understand clearly here.

4. Pros & Coins Of Initial Coin Offerings

By this point, you knew what initial coin offerings were, and due to the large numbers involved, it excites many. But it was imperative that we discussed the pros and cons right in this lecture.

5. Difference Between Utility Tokens & Security Tokens

Learning about ICOs helps us to understand that the tokens issued are utility tokens, hence in this lecture, I wanted to highlight what security tokens are as well as how they differ.

6. Tracking The Cryptocurrency Markets

Then, to sum up this section, I highlighted some tools you should be making use of when it comes to tracking your brand new cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

So that’s everything for this quick summary, should you wish to refer back to a specific lecture in this section. We look forward to seeing you in the next section of this course, where we’ll go over how to ensure your cryptocurrency setup is watertight, i.e. secure.


This course covers a hot topic in the world of cryptocurrencies: investing. We look at which investment strategies to consider and which to avoid. We also look at initial coin offerings, tokens, and how to track the cryptocurrency markets.

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