UML - Component and Deployment Diagram

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This course takes an in-depth look at security in Java Enterprise Edition. We'll cover a wide range of topics as listed below. Finally, we'll round off the course by taking a look at some example exam questions similar to those you can expect to find on the Oracle Certified Java EE exams.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of security in Java EE
  • Learn the following concepts and features:
    • Securing GlassFish server
    • Working with users, groups, and roles
    • SSL
    • Securing your web applications
    • Securing enterprise beans
    • Digital certificates
    • Security architecture
    • Security threats
    • And much more...

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who already has basic knowledge of Java and now wants to learn about Java Enterprise Edition.


Basic knowledge of Java programming


UML component and deployment diagram. UML diagrams help us in many situations to express general overview simply and effectively, we will talk about UML component and deployment diagram. Component diagram represents how components are wired together to form a larger, more complex component or a software system, an architect can use a UML component diagram to show the internal structure of a component as well as the provided and required interfaces. The figure demonstrates a UML component diagram that identifies the locations or security ports where java eE. Security technology can be implemented. The UML diagram depicts authentication and authorization via security component. 

Deployment diagram represents the network of processing resource elements and the configuration of software components on each physical element. An architect can use a UML deployment diagram to show how the logical tiers of an application architecture are configured into a physical network. A UML deployment diagram is composed of hardware nodes, software components, software dependencies and communication relationships. The figure represents a UML deployment diagram that identifies the locations like firewalls and D M Z S where java eE. Security technology can be implemented


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