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Introduction to Java 6 EE

This course introduces the Oracle Java EE 6 learning path.


Hi there. In this video, we will examine the Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam details. Let's begin. This certificate program is actually no longer part of the Oracle credential programs. However, as the topics covered in this certificate program, are the fundamentals of Enterprise Edition Programming, having knowledge of these subjects will be extremely helpful when answering questions in other certificate programs. Additionally, any Enterprise Edition project will undoubtedly require the knowledge you will learn in this course. 

To begin, this certified exam consists of 60 questions. You have 150 minutes to answer these questions. To be successful, you must answer at least 71% of the questions correctly. This implies you must correctly answer at least 43 questions. However, as previously stated, Oracle has withdrawn this exam program. So, why are we doing this training? The answer is exam topics. What are these topics? In this certified program we must understand many java topics such as Web Applications, Common Architectures of Java 6 EE, JSF as Java Server Face, Ajax with JSF, Java Servlet for EE 6, Web Services like SOAP or RESTful, Enterprise Beans as EJB, Solid Principles, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, JPA as Java Persistence API, Java Messaging Service as JMS, and Security in Java 6EE. Most of these topics are still actively used in Java applications. That's why this training program will be very useful for Java users. In the next video, we will examine the Java EE6 platform highlights. See you in the next video.


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