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GDPR Learning Path Summary

This provides a summary of the learning path: GDPR - Using AWS Compliance Enabling Services

It summarizes the key objectives that will have been obtained from completing this learning path which covers a number of AWS services


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AWS Security Services Learning Path


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Hello and welcome to this final section in this Learning Path. By now, you should have a far greater deeper understanding of many of the different AWS services, that allow you to monitor, assess and identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your infrastructure. By combining these services, it allows you to build an effective and secure environment that can help you maintain your GDPR compliance. 

This Learning Path has focused on some key security services that you should be familiar with, when storing personal data within AWS. They all provide a proactive approach in the detection and isolation of security threats and breaches which is essential when it comes to protecting your customer data, which has to be at the core of your security requirements when it comes to GDPR compliance. 

There are of course, many other security services which focus on encryption and user access control, and so to gain a deep insight into AWS security as a whole, then please, look at our existing Learning Path, AWS Security Services

The following points summarize the objectives that have now been met from this Learning Path. 

Starting with AWS CloudTrail. You will now have a full understanding of the AWS CloudTrail service and how it interacts with other AWS services. You will have the knowledge to confidently configure Trails for your AWS account, while at the same time, applying the correct level of encryption and access control against your sensitive log files. You'll be able to combine CloudTrail with CloudWatch to implement a monitoring solution for your API calls. 

From Amazon Macie, you should have an understanding and awareness of what Amazon Macie is and what it's used for. You'll be able to explain each configurable component of Amazon Macie and understand how Amazon Macie can provide a customizable approach to maintaining compliance to different regulations such as GDPR. You now understand how, by using automation and machine learning, Amazon Macie can detect and categorize S3 content to detect potential security threats and exposures. 

From the Amazon GuardDuty course, you'll be able to describe what the Amazon GuardDuty service is and does. Be able to manage and configure GuardDuty for single or multiple counts. You'll be able to implement the correct permissions to both enable and manage GuardDuty and manage and resolve findings generated by GuardDuty. And finally, explain how GuardDuty can play an important role within your organization. 

From the AWS Config course, you will now be able to recognize and explain how AWS Config can be used to monitor environmental changes. You can recognize and explain the core elements of the AWS Config service. You can comfortably configure and implement AWS Config within your own environment, and understand how to maintain compliance of resources using AWS Config. 

Finally, when using the Amazon Inspector service, you now understand what the Amazon Inspector service is and does. You know why you should implement Amazon Inspector within your environment. You understand how to configure Amazon Inspector and you know how to view and manage findings that Amazon Inspector detects. 

That now, brings me to the end of this Learning Path. If you have any feedback on this Learning Path, positive or negative, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact 

Thank you for your time and good luck with your continued learning of cloud computing. Thank you.

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