Linux Administration Bootcamp Introduction | CSL4 V2 A3.1 |


In this section, you’ll cover a wide range of Linux topics so that you can begin working Linux with confidence. Even if you already have some basic Linux knowledge, these resources are a great way to brush up on those skills and build upon what you already know!

You’ll begin by looking at the fundamentals of Linux, including the directory structure, files, shell scripting and the command line, and permissions. Once you've grasped the basics, you can then build upon those topics by looking at more intermediate-level techniques.

After that, you’ll explore the specifics of the Linux boot process and system logging, disk management, the Logical Volume Manager, user management, networking with Linux, and shell scripting.

As you proceed, you’ll also begin looking at more advanced commands and permissions.

There are several knowledge checks as you go through these resources. These will help you identify any areas that you might need or want to review. At the end, you’ll find a final exam where you can test yourself on what you’ve learnt.

Learning Objectives

  • Get a solid grasp of Linux, its components, and its capabilities
  • Understand the Linux directory structure, files, shell scripting and the command line, permissions, wildcards, and job control
  • Learn the key concepts surrounding the Linux boot process and system logging
  • Explore how to manage disks and users including partitions, file systems, users, and groups
  • Get a foundational understanding of the Logical Volume Manager
  • Learn the essentials of networking with Linux
  • Learn what shell scripting is and the components that make up a script