This course introduces the Linux Shell Scripting learning path, introduces what shell scripting is, and also talks you through the downloads that come as part of this learning path.



During this course I'm going to be performing a lot of demonstrations. You'll watch me write several different shell scripts throughout the course and I wanna make sure you can easily follow along with me, as well as have access to those demonstration scripts for future reference. That's why you'll find the scripts you see me writing in the course download.

The download also contains copies of the practice exercise instructions, as well as the resulting scripts, or answers, to those practice problems. With that said, it's very important that you take just a couple of minutes to download the file for this course. You will find a link to the course download somewhere near this video. Simply click on it to download that file.

Once you've downloaded the file, be sure to extract its contents. If you're using a Mac, you can simply double click the file and it will extract the contents into a folder named shellclass. If you're using Windows, right click on the file, then click on extract all. Finally, click on the extract button. If you're using Linux, use the command unzip space -d space shellclass space and hit enter. Whether you're on Mac, Windows or Linux, you'll now have extracted the contents of the course archive into a folder named shellclass. Inside the shellclass folder there are two other folders, demos and exercises.

The demos folder contains all the files you'll see me use in the lessons, and all the scripts that I write during the demonstrations. Near the beginning of each video you'll watch me create a script and start teaching using that script. You'll have a copy of that exact same script so you can follow along if you'd like. The exercises folder contains the practice exercise instructions, as well as the resulting scripts from those exercises. 

By the way, the practice exercise instructions start with the word exercise and are numbered. So the instructions for the first practice exercise are in the file that starts with the name Exercise-01. There will be instructions within each exercise telling you exactly what the name of the script is that you'll be writing. You'll find a shell script with that exact same name in the exercises folder which you can use as the answer to the practice exercise. Once you have the download saved on your computer and you've extracted the contents of that download, go ahead and move on to the next lesson.

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