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Live Event Schedule | DAL4 RS A4.2|

Welcome to your first live event on Data Modelling

In this three-day live class guided by your tutor, you will further explore the concepts and techniques you studied during the Discover stage. You will work through a series of discussions, review sessions, and activities. 

The content for this Live Event is split over three days. 

Day 1

  • Introduction on Diagramming Tools
  • Data Modelling
  • Normalisation
  • Groups of commands in SQL
  • SQL databases and tables
  • The Northwind Database
  • SELECT statement
  • Common functions

Day 2

  • Aggregation
  • Advanced Grouping: Rollup, Cube, Grouping sets
  • Join types
  • Set Operators 

Day 3

  • Using joins and set operators
  • Window functions
  • Time series
  • Views


Throughout the Live Event, you’ll complete a series of tasks as directed by your tutor, to build your skills. 

At the end, you’ll be asked to complete a personal reflection activity, submitting your work to Bud to close off the learning path.

Move on to the next section to find out what knowledge and skills will be covered.

15h 8m

Here you will find an introduction to this Live Event, and a summary of what will be covered on each day.

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