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LPIC-1 102 Linux certification - Linux Security (6 of 6)


Linux system integrity
System Security
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This is the eleventh and final course in Cloud Academy's series preparing you for the LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional 101 and 102 exams. This course will focus on security. We'll explore the best ways to control access to the systems you administrate through limiting the use of root powers and by regular and focused filesystem scans. We'll learn how to optimize the effectiveness of your passwords and how to use super daemons to regulate remote connectivity. Finally, we will discover the power of data and file encryption through OpenSSH and GPG - the GNU Privacy Guard.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for this course, please contact Cloud Academy at support@cloudacademy.com.


This is the final course in Cloud Academy's 11-part series preparing you for the LPIC1, Linux Server Professional 101 and 102 exams.

With this course, you'll hopefully have everything you need to fly through the exams. But more importantly, to more productively and more profitably make use of the many opportunities Linux provides.

This course will focus on security. There's more than one way to secure your servers and their data.

You can look at it from the perspective of user access, network connectivity, and both file and connection encryption.

We'll learn about securing your local system resources against misuse, maintaining safe and secure network connections, using OpenSSH to encrypt, and thereby secure your remote terminal sessions, and about encrypting individual files so they can be safely sent across insecure channels.

About the Author
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David taught high school for twenty years, worked as a Linux system administrator for five years, and has been writing since he could hold a crayon between his fingers. His childhood bedroom wall has since been repainted.

Having worked directly with all kinds of technology, David derives great pleasure from completing projects that draw on as many tools from his toolkit as possible.

Besides being a Linux system administrator with a strong focus on virtualization and security tools, David writes technical documentation and user guides, and creates technology training videos.

His favorite technology tool is the one that should be just about ready for release tomorrow. Or Thursday.

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