Different Ways to Make Money
Different Ways to Make Money

This course will show you how we can make money out of your apps. We'll explore the alternative ways to make money using IOS development as well as how to use Google advertisements in your app so that you can earn money with Google ads.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn about iOS development and coding
  • Move into a career as an iOS developer
  • Master Swift skills


To get the most out of this course, you should have some basic knowledge of iOS.


Hi, within this section, we're going to discuss how we can make money out of those  iOS development skills that we have been mastering so far. Now, we know how to work with Swift, now you know how to develop  iOS apps. Now, the big question is how we can make money out of that skill set? Of course, there are a couple of ways to do that. For example, you can get a fulltime iOS developer job and of course, there are pros and cons for that. For example, you will get a stable income every month and that's a big pro because you won't be thinking about what project that I'm working on next. So, if I cannot make a project, how I will just pay my rent or something. But of course, there are cons as well, so you will be doing what you're told, so you will be only involved in a small part of an app development most probably for a long period, so you will be mastering some skills, but you will be left out of or from others. So, you know how this works, you work 9:00-5:00, most probably 9:00-9:00. So, you will be working after hours and you will be getting a paycheck every month. So, in fact, at this point it's your call to whether apply for a fulltime job or not because you have other options as well, for example, you can try working freelance, right? And there are pros and calls for working as a freelancer as well, so you will be getting some projects and you will be making and delivering this project in a given period of time when you work as a freelancer. And for example, you will be free when you do that, you can just work from your home, you can just work from another country, you can work while you're traveling, you can work wherever you want whenever you want. But of course, the money would be instable. So, if you cannot get a freelance job for a month, you won't get paid and if you get too much work then you will be working like 7/24 and you will just do your best to finish the projects that you get and projects can be messy at some point. For example, customers may demand some other extra features and they will try to negotiate you to do that for the same amount of money that you would initially get for less job and of course another con is that you would be working alone whereas in the  iOS developer job, you will be working within a team and working within a team actually improves your  iOS development skills very much because people share ideas, people share knowledge with each other when you work in a team. And aside from all of this, of course, you can create your own app as well. And when you create your own app, you can give it a price and you can sell it with a price if you trust your app, if you trust, if your app really has some features that any other app does not in the market. So, you can sell it for a price and you can have in-app purchases or advertisement in your app as well if you're just distributing it for free. So, now if you're distributing it for free in order to make money, you can display some advertisement with Google for example. And within this section, we're going to see how it's done. And there are a lot of cons or pros for this option as well. A big pro so you can do that while you're working freelance or in a real iOS developer job as well. So, you can do that on your own time and you can release your app, publish your app in the App Store whenever you want. Of course, it's not easy as it looks. For example, if you look at very big games, they do have huge advertisement budgets, they get advertisements in their apps but also they give advertisements in order to make people play their games as well. But if you make it work then you will have a side income every month flowing into your bank account so that you can increase your freedom, maybe sometime you can build a company out of that app as well. So, within this section, we're actually going to see how we can implement ads in our apps so that we can make money out of that. So, let's stop here and continue within the next lecture.


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