AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
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This course provides detail on the AWS Management & Governance services relevant to the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how AWS AppConfig can reduce errors in configuration changes and prevent application downtime
  • Understand how the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) can be used to model and provision application resources using common programming languages
  • Get a high-level understanding of Amazon CloudWatch
  • Learn about the features and use cases of the service
  • Create your own CloudWatch dashboard to monitor the items that are important to you
  • Understand how CloudWatch dashboards can be shared across accounts
  • Understand the cost structure of CloudWatch dashboards and the limitations of the service
  • Review how monitored metrics go into an ALARM state
  • Learn about the challenges of creating CloudWatch Alarms and the benefits of using machine learning in alarm management
  • Know how to create a CloudWatch Alarm using Anomaly Detection
  • Learn what types of metrics are suitable for use with Anomaly Detection
  • Create your own CloudWatch log subscription
  • Learn how AWS CloudTrail enables auditing and governance of your AWS account
  • Understand how Amazon CloudWatch Logs enables you to monitor and store your system, application, and custom log files
  • Explain what AWS CloudFormation is and what it’s used for
  • Determine the benefits of AWS CloudFormation
  • Understand what each of the core components are and what they are used for
  • Create a CloudFormation Stack using an existing AWS template
  • Learn what VPC flow logs are and what they are used for
  • Determine options for operating programmatically with AWS, including the AWS CLI, APIs, and SDKs
  • Learn about the capabilities of AWS Systems Manager for managing applications and infrastructure
  • Understand how AWS Secrets Manager can be used to securely encrypt application secrets

Hello, and welcome to this quick lecture, where I will introduce you to the AWS Cloud Development Kit, or CDK. This service is newly in scope for both the AWS Certified Developer - Associate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional exams, so I wanted to give you a quick overview of the CDK and what it does.

The CDK is an open-source software development framework that allows you to define AWS infrastructure and resources in code. It automatically generates the equivalent AWS CloudFormation templates at compile time, which can then be provisioned like any other CloudFormation template. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of CloudFormation, such as rollbacks and drift detection, without having to write or maintain your own YAML templates. Instead, the CDK supports familiar programming languages like Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript. This allows developers to leverage their existing skills and use common programming constructs such as functions, loops, and conditionals, which makes it easier to create, build, and manage complex infrastructure.

The CDK provides a set of libraries known as constructs that can be used to define various AWS resources, such as S3 buckets, DynamoDB tables, Lambda functions, and APIs in API Gateway. Developers can use these constructs within their code and even create and customize their own, which can be reused and shared with other developers.

The CDK also provides a command-line interface that can be used to interact with the CDK and perform common tasks, such as creating new CDK applications and deploying them to specific environments.

So to recap, the CDK provides a powerful and flexible way to build and manage cloud infrastructure using familiar programming languages to generate CloudFormation templates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick introduction to the CDK. To explore the CDK in greater detail and gain the hands-on experience you need to begin building your own applications, I encourage you to check out this learning path. Thanks for joining me, and best of luck on your certification journey!

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