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Microsoft 365 Security Reports and Alerts - Summary

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This course will explore best practices and fundamentals using Microsoft 365’s Secure Score as a primary barometer to measure protection and readiness as well as timely and effective responses to threat incidents. After completing lessons and watching video demos, students should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their organizations. 

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate and manage Microsoft Office 365 tenant security using Secure Score
  • Manage incident investigation
  • Review and manage Microsoft 365 security alerts

Intended Audience

  • General cybersecurity enthusiasts who want to stay current with best practices 
  • People studying for the Microsoft MS-101 exam
  • Cyber security professionals/administrators responsible for the safety of an organization


  • Basic understanding of Office/Microsoft 365
  • Basic understanding of computer networking
  • General knowledge of different threat types

We've reached the end of the course on Microsoft 365 security alerts and reporting. Hopefully by now you feel more comfortable with cybersecurity best practices and recognize the robust functionality of Microsoft security suite. Remember that some of the utilities and apps covered in this course require special licensing, such as Attack Simulator and Cloud App Security. So, you may need to upgrade your own plans before you proceed.

To sum up what we've covered, we use Secure Score to customize and establish a baseline, so we can hold ourselves and the users in our organization to a consistent standard. We can also set up custom policies to automate as much of the alerting, reporting, and remediation process as possible. Improving your cybersecurity posture is a persistent and iterative process of calibrating between the convenience of your users and the strictness of your policies. Too loose of a policy will leave your organization vulnerable to threats. Whereas, too restrictive of a policy can impact productivity and company morale. Please don't forget to review this course and let us know how we can improve your experience in the future. Once again, my name is Aaron Yoon. Thank you so much for joining us for this video course and have a good one.

About the Author

Aaron has been in the IT industry for 10 years servicing a variety of industries, from small retail businesses to multi-billion dollar hedge funds. Specializing in workflow optimization, he has helped users at all levels increase their productivity and efficiency ranging from tasks like taking medical offices to paperless, to administering patch management, JIRA, Confluence, and other project management platforms. 

Prior to starting his IT career, Aaron was a test prep teacher, helping high school students improve their standardized test scores for college admissions. He joins Cloud Academy to combine his two passions, technology and teaching.