Setting Up Information Rights Management for SharePoint Online
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This course explores Information Rights Management in Microsoft 365 and how to configure it for different workloads including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange Online.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what Information Rights Management is and what it does
  • Learn how to set up and use the service
  • Learn how to set up Information Rights Management for SharePoint Online and apply Information Rights Management to SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Understand how to configure Information Rights Management for OneDrive
  • Learn how to check the status of Information Rights Management in Exchange Online and how to enable it

Intended Audience

This quick course is intended for those who wish to learn about Information Rights Management in Microsoft 365.


To get the most out of this course, you should have a basic understanding of Microsoft 365.


Hello, and welcome back. What we're gonna do in this quick demonstration is walk through the process of enabling Information Rights Management for SharePoint Online. Now I'm logged into my Microsoft 365 admin center as the global admin. So that's the starting point here. To make this happen, what we're gonna do from this admin center is select all in the left pane and open the SharePoint admin center.

Now, once we have the SharePoint admin center open, what we're gonna do is go into settings. And this is pretty straightforward actually. Once we're in settings, what we're gonna do is click the classic settings page. For whatever reason, Microsoft is making it difficult to get to this setting. So we'll go into classic settings. Now, just to be clear, by the time you watch this video there's a chance that the process may have been collapsed so to speak. But the bottom line is to enable Information Rights Management for SharePoint. You do it through the settings tab for SharePoint admin.

Now on this settings page here, if we scroll down we can see, we have Information Rights Management. We currently have this turned off. So what we'll do is we'll turn on the IRM service, and we'll okay. If we go back down and we can see that it's now enabled. And that's pretty much it, that's how you're gonna enable IRM for SharePoint Online.

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