Migrating to AWS - Introduction


Introduction to the Migrating to AWS
Introduction to the Migrating to AWS

Introduction to the Migrating to AWS Learning Path. In this lecture, we outline the learning objectives, intended audience and suggested prerequisites for the Get started with Migrating to AWS learning path.


- Hello and welcome to the Migrating to AWS learning path. Now this is an introductory level learning path designed to help you build a working knowledge of the core migration strategies, project stages, and the AWS services used in a migration project. Now the learning path combines strategy, best practices, and practical guides to help you define and implement a cloud migration project. So in this learning path, we'll first learn to explain and select the core migration services provided by AWS, the AWS Migration Hub, the Server Migration Service, and the Database Migration Service, plus the VmWare Cloud on AWS Service. Then once we have a working understanding of the services available, we can next learn to explain and implement the common migration strategies, the roles and some of the requirements often seen in a migration project. Now we do this by walking through a migration scenario for a fictitious customer, expertise please dot com so that you have a practical guide for how to go about initiating or contributing to a migration project. Now once we have an understanding of migration situations, and some of the steps we go through to run a migration project, we can then define a technical migration plan and a transformation roadmap for expertise please dot com. We identify what applications and services can be lifted and shifted to help meet the storage exhaustion issue that is confronting the business. We then define a plan for transforming the business application by decoupling that monolithic application to make use of the AWS Manage Services, to provide more elasticity and agility for the customer. Now I recommend this learning path for anyone who is looking to get started with migrating services or applications to Amazon Web Services, and if you are completely new to cloud migrations, I recommend completing the "Getting Started with Migration" learning path first. At the conclusion of this learning path, you will be able to select and implement the common migration services that are provided by AWS. The AWS Migration Hub, the AWS Server Migration Service, and the AWS Database Migration Service, also VmWare Cloud on AWS so we'll be able to select and apply migration strategies to practical situations. So this learning path has an exam at the end to help you and your team members assess and align your knowledge and readiness for cloud migrations to AWS. Hope you enjoy the content.

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