Migrating to AWS - Summary
Migrating to AWS - Summary

This course concludes the Getting Started with Migrating to AWS learning path.


congratulations on completing the Migration to AWS Learning Path. I hope you have found the content informative and engaging, so let's quickly summarize some of the concepts we've covered to help you recall and remember these. So, first we learned to explain and select the core migration services provided by Amazon Web Services. We demonstrated the AWS Migration Hub and illustrated how it provides a central place to manage your migration projects. We demonstrated the AWS Discovery Connector and the AWS Discovery Agent, and the scenarios where we might choose the Connector over the Agent and vice versa. We then demonstrated the AWS Migration Service and how we might use that to migrate VMWare or Hyper-V service from a data center or co-location to AWS Infrastructure. We then explained the AWS Database Migration Service and demonstrated how it can be applied to convert or migrate database schemas and databases. Next, we explained the VMWare Service for AWS, which provides a bare metal environment for migrating and running VMWare Services without additional virtualization below them. So, with an understanding of some of the tools and services provided by AWS, we explained and demonstrated how to implement the common strategies, stages, and best practices common to cloud migration projects. Now, we did this by walking through a migration scenario for our fictitious customer, so that gave us a practical blueprint for how to go about initiating and/or contributing to a migration project. So, once we had that understanding of migration planning and execution, we defined a technical migration plan and a transformation roadmap for We identified which applications and services could be lifted and shifted to help meet the storage exhaustion issue, and we defined a transformation plan for decoupling the monolithic business application to make use of AWS Managed Services to provide more elasticity and agility for their end customer. Okay, so that brings this Learning Path to a close. I suggest running the final assessment quiz if you haven't done so already. That will give you an idea of which areas you might need to continue or review and please contact if you have any questions, comments, or feedback for us. And congratulations on completing the Learning Path, you're one step closer to becoming a migration ninja.

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