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- Nothing ever stays the same. Things are always changing. However, the way you control changes, the way you manage changes in an organization can fundamentally affect the success of an organization. If you think about all of the organizations that have failed, many, many of them fail because they are unable to manage or control the changes that are going on. Change control provides techniques and ways of working to manage that control, to control changes. It does it by a system of assessment, authorization, documentation, and review. So Martin, do have any sort of example, of how change control has happened, how change control actively works?


- Yeah, Paul, in many an organization, obviously there's a whole variety of services and products that I deliver and the constancy of change is always there as you said. But obviously, in that idea, as a key control mechanism, often we're going to have deliberate boards convened, often we call them change advisory boards by which we'll be able to look at a change, almost from different perspectives, maybe the perspective of the business and the users, maybe look at it from the supplier perspective. Maybe also look at it from like a technical, technological kind of fit-for-purpose perspective and in the round, we asses of a change, often through the use of a board-type principle. Ultimately we're equipping, hopefully a very oversightful and holistic view of what is the nature of that change and also what's the benefits versus the risks of that change? And therefore, if we see more benefit than risk through the nature of a change advisory board, we will say yeah, we'll approve that change. And obviously, if we've seen the opposite, then we'll be able to reject that change and be able to rework it successfully.


- Excellent and that's what we're talking about. A holistic view of the change whilst maintaining the control and the management of that change into our new or our changing environment.

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Martin is a professionally qualified and experienced IT Professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held a number of senior roles and has experience of large-scale IT Service Management implementation programs both in public and private sectors. He has over 15 years of experience working for QA as both a Senior principal lecturer/consultant and as Head of Service Management Product Development. Martin has delivered training to a wide variety of audiences, both UK and internationally, to consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

His main role at QA is acting as a Head of Service Management Product Development to enable QA to deliver high quality, interactive training in the following areas:

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