Module 6 - AgileSHIFT Practices

7m 31s

The AgileSHIFT practices are broad themes which should be applied throughout any work being done using an AgileSHIFT approach. They should be used flexibly and appropriately for the organization and the work being undertaken. They should also be used according to the AgileSHIFT principles. 

Learning Objectives 

The objectives of this lesson are to provide you with and understanding of the five AgileSHIFT Practices and what they mean: 

  1. Engage stakeholders 
  2. Build collaborative teams 
  3. Plan to be flexible and adaptable 
  4. Deliver iteratively and incrementally 
  5. Measure value 


Intended Audience 

The target audience for the AgileSHIFT qualification is any employee of an organization that intends to adopt AgileSHIFT. This includes people who will become champions of the new working practice and employees from any part of the business who will contribute to the incremental improvements that will make up the wider change the organization requires. 



There are no specific pre-requisites to study the AgileSHIFT lesson or for entry to the examination.  



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