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This course looks at the AWS Health Dashboard, a tool that can help you plan and work around issues in AWS. These events include outages, scheduled maintenance, and service degradation events. So, let’s get you prepared for these events with this awesome tool.

Learning Objectives 

By the end of this course, you should have a greater understanding of the AWS Health dashboard, its features, and how to integrate it into your high-availability solutions. Some of the key points we’ll be covering in this course include the following:

  • Service history and open issues
  • Service events specific to your AWS accounts
  • EventBridge integration for the Health Dashboard
  • Enterprise-level offerings (such as the AWS Health API)

Intended Audience

  • Systems Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Student learning for certification reasons


  • Have a general understanding of Amazon EventBridge and AWS Infrastructure
  • General knowledge about AWS services currently in use by your organization that could be impacted during scheduled maintenance and outages



The Health dashboard is quite useful as it is, especially for those using AWS organizations. However, if you also subscribe to a business or enterprise-level support plan, Amazon takes it up a notch by providing access to the health API. This enables you to perform lots of additional health-related tasks such as integration with third-party applications. For example, creating JIRA tickets, sending notifications to Slack or MS Teams, and more. One feature that I find quite interesting is to be able to use the open-source tool called AWS Health Aware. This tool created by AWS depends on the Health API. It will perform the monitoring for you and provide you with ready-made integrations and notifications of events that are specific to your AWS accounts. So, if you already have a paid support plan with AWS, be sure to take advantage of this free tool. 

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