Prepare for the MS-900 Exam

In this course, we go over the objectives of the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe cloud concepts
  • Describe core Microsoft 365 services and concepts
  • Explain Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Trust in Microsoft 365
  • Describe Microsoft 365 pricing and support

Intended Audience

  • Users new to Microsoft 365
  • Users preparing for the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam


To get the most out of this course, you should have an understanding of general technical concepts.


Welcome to the MS-900 exam preparation course. This course was made specifically to get you ready for the MS-900 exam by quickly covering the broad spectrum of topics it tests. My name is Lee Mucciarone and I'm a Microsoft 365 content creator for Cloud Academy. I have four years of IT experience working for Microsoft with two years of specialized experience as a customer training specialist training users on Microsoft tools. 

I did my best to break it down into easy to digest chunks of information and to keep it as quick and painless as possible. If you haven't already completed the MS-900 learning path, I highly suggest that you go back and follow through it as it walks through pretty much everything that is tested on the MS-900 exam. If you have already done that or you just want to run through this quick prep course, then I suppose we should jump on into it. Now, the MS-900 exam test your knowledge of four different areas of Microsoft 365. 

These areas, as of January 2022 are: describing cloud concepts, describing core Microsoft 365 services and concepts, explain security, compliance, privacy, and trust in Microsoft 365, and describe Microsoft 365 pricing and support. I'm going to take you through these one by one and do my best to explain the most important concepts to prep you for the exam. I did also add the administration lecture in here as well as questions about administrative tasks are also sprinkled throughout each test area. Keep in mind that since MS-900 is an entry-level exam, it mostly just tests your broad knowledge rather than intense detail, which is how we're going to be spending most of this lecture. All right, with that out of the way, let's start off in Cloud Concepts.


About the Author
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Lee has spent most of his professional career learning as much as he could about PC hardware and software while working as a PC technician with Microsoft. Once covid hit, he moved into a customer training role with the goal to get as many people prepared for remote work as possible using Microsoft 365. Being both Microsoft 365 certified and a self-proclaimed Microsoft Teams expert, Lee continues to expand his knowledge by working through the wide range of Microsoft certifications.