Observability in AWS

2m 24s

In this lesson, we will explain the concept of observability in AWS.

Learning Objectives

  • What observability is 
  • What AWS services can help you achieve observability
  • The open-source services you can use to gain insight into your systems 

Intended Audience

This lesson has been created for those looking for an overview of the observability services in AWS, including native services like CloudWatch and X-Ray and the monitoring services built off of them, as well as open-source services like Grafana, Prometheus, and standards like OpenTelemetry.


To get the most out of this lesson, you should have a good understanding of the AWS ecosystem, including knowledge of compute services like ECS and EKS, Lambda, and EC2. Some familiarity with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray will also help to better understand some of the practical parts of this lesson. If you’d like to take a lesson specifically on Amazon CloudWatch or X-Ray, feel free to check out the following lessons:

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Alana Layton is an experienced technical trainer, technical content developer, and cloud engineer living out of Seattle, Washington. Her career has included teaching about AWS all over the world, creating AWS content that is fun, and working in consulting. She currently holds six AWS certifications. Outside of Cloud Academy, you can find her testing her knowledge in bar trivia, reading, or training for a marathon.

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