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In this course, we're going to build a Foursquare Clone using Parse. Parse provides you with a great tool to work in cloud servers and you will learn the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

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This course is designed for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn about iOS development and coding
  • Move into a career as an iOS developer
  • Master Swift skills


To get the most out of this course, you should have some basic knowledge of iOS.


Hi. Within this lecture, we're going to finalize our App by testing to add some new places. So, let me open my App, and let me click on 'James Restaurant' and I can get this map and I can get whatever I want. So, it works fine. So, let me create another place and let's see if that works as well. So, let me call this Kirk Pub, and this will be a Pub. And for the atmosphere you can just call whatever you want. I'm going to choose an image and hit 'Next'. Let's go for a red-light district this time, and select one of the places over here. So, this will be our Kirk Pub location. And once I do that I can see the annotation and once I hit the 'Save' now I see the Kirk Pub. The problem over here is that we lost the navigation bar and again we have lost it before and I said that we're going to take care of this problem later on. And we see these maps over here. But I believe this is the Maps App that we have opened before,  yes this one. So, this isn't related to our current problem actually. So, let me go back. The current problem is that we don't have the navigation bar and it's related to segue  as we're going to take care of that in a minute. Once I hit the 'James Restaurant' and once I hit the Kirk Pub it opens, but it opens as a pop over. So, again it's related to segue, so we have to take care of this problem. But the good thing is that Kirk Pub is displaying its values. So, everything related to parse operations actually work. So, how do we take care of that? Let me close this down and go to Main.storyboard. Let's find our last segue. We're doing this segue from our MapsViewController to our TableView, to our PlacesViewController. What we want to do actually is to make this segue to our navigation controller rather than TableView. Because navigation controller will display the PlacesViewController anyway but we're doing here to skip the navigation controller and just go directly to the PlacesViewController. So, it actually doesn't understand that PlacesViewController has one navigation controller. So, in order to solve this problem, I'm going to copy this segue identifier from here. I'm going to delete the segue by clicking over here, and clicking on the 'Backspace' or 'Delete' in my keyboard. And I'm going to take this from MapVC, and bring it to my NavigationViewController. If I do a show segue, it will distort all the views one more time. So, rather than doing Show, let's come over here and do a Present Modally, and we're going to go for a Full Screen. And for identifier, I'm going to paste in what I have copied previously. So, now I'm doing my segue to navigation controller. So, that navigation bar will be still in place even though we add a new place and come back to our PlacesViewController. So, let's test this as well. As you can see it works out fine right now, let's go to add a new place, and let's add our Lars Diner. And this will be a Diner, and the atmosphere is kind of a friendly atmosphere. And let's go for our photo library and choose one of the pictures that we have downloaded. And let's go to choose a location within our Amsterdam map. So, let's zoom in. This one looks good. And after you press for three seconds hit 'Save' and the moment of truth, here you go. We see the Lars Diner, we see the Kirk Pub and James Restaurant, and we see it in a navigation controller, so that we can come over here and go back and it works as in the way we want. So, I hope you enjoyed this section. I believe this is working very fine, and I believe you can do much more better with using Parse Servers. So, you have seen Firebase, you have seen Parse, now you're capable of building Apps using Cloud servers, and you can do much more than you would imagine when you first started this course. So, let's stop here and continue within the next section.


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Atil is an instructor at Bogazici University, where he graduated back in 2010. He is also co-founder of Academy Club, which provides training, and Pera Games, which operates in the mobile gaming industry.

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