Managing Coexistence Settings


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In this course, we will look at Microsoft Teams and how to plan a Teams Deployment within an Organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Preparing your organization for a Microsoft Teams Deployment
  • The lifecycle of a Team and how that affects your userbase
  • How to manage identities and authentication within Microsoft Teams
  • What Hybrid connectivity is and how it plays a part in the transition to Microsoft Teams
  • Managing organizational settings within Microsoft Teams
  • And understand what coexistence means and the different modes which can be used during a Teams deployment

Intended Audience

  • Users looking to learn about deployments and coexistence in Microsoft 365.


  • Have a basic understanding of device management in Microsoft 365

Let me now show you how to adjust your coexistence mode. As you can see here, we're in the Microsoft Teams Admin center. If we wanted to adjust coexistence, we would simply navigate to the left-hand rail for Teams and then go all the way down to Teams upgrade settings.

Here, we can see coexistence mode alongside a drop-down menu. Currently, my coexistence mode is set to islands, but if I wanted to change that, I'll simply click here, and it will give me all of the options. As I mentioned in the previous lecture, we can see all five options: Islands, Skype for business only, Skype for Business with Teams collaboration, Skype for Business with Teams collaboration and meetings, and Teams only. And it gives me a quick description of each of these options.

Now as I was set to island mode, if I wanted to change it to Teams for that upgrade, I can click Teams only and hit 'Save'. Once I do this, it will give me a warning stating that users will no longer be able to use Skype for business except for when joining Skype meetings. All of these users will be Teams only unless an explicit per user upgrade policy is set. If I'm sure about these details and I want to continue with this, I simply understand the change of the effect and hit 'Save'. Once I do that, my cognizance mode is set to Teams only, and I'm good to go.


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