Power BI Data Analyst Job Role

6m 51s

In this presentation, we share our thoughts on what it’s like to work as a Power BI data analyst and the skills and temperament best suited to the data analyst job role. We look at some of the challenges and rewards of the Power BI data analyst role, painting a picture that is fairly typical of most workplace environments. If you are interested in becoming a Power BI data analyst or want to find out what the role involves, this lesson is a good starting point.

Learning Objectives

  • See if the Power BI data analyst role interests you
  • Find out if you have the temperament to be a Power BI data analyst
  • Get an idea of the skills and aptitude required to start on the journey to becoming a Power BI data analyst

Intended Audience

This lesson is intended for anyone who is not familiar with the data analyst role and is contemplating investing time and energy to upskill themselves to work as a Power BI data analyst.


No prior knowledge is required to take this lesson. 


About the Author
Learning paths

Hallam is a software architect with over 20 years experience across a wide range of industries. He began his software career as a  Delphi/Interbase disciple but changed his allegiance to Microsoft with its deep and broad ecosystem. While Hallam has designed and crafted custom software utilizing web, mobile and desktop technologies, good quality reliable data is the key to a successful solution. The challenge of quickly turning data into useful information for digestion by humans and machines has led Hallam to specialize in database design and process automation. Showing customers how leverage new technology to change and improve their business processes is one of the key drivers keeping Hallam coming back to the keyboard. 

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