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- [Instructor] Hello and welcome to this Power BI session. In this video, you'll learn how to create a visualization in Power BI. In this example, we want to create a visualization to illustrate the number of accidents according to the sex of the driver. To do that, we need to expand our data set and select the relevant columns. Here, these are the accident index and the sex of the driver. As you can see, the automatic visualization that Power BI has created isn't what we're looking for. We'd like to see the accident count according to the driver's sex. To change this, go to the values section. Here we can make the changes we need. I don't want to summarize to count distinct. This will give us the distinct count of the accident index according to the sex of driver. We have four different values here, but what do they mean? Minus one and three represent instances where we don't know the sex of the driver. Because this information isn't useful, we can filter the data so that it won't be included in our visualization. To do that, go to the Filters pane, select the arrow to expand the filter type and here you can select advanced filtering. In our data, the sex of the driver is represented by either one or two. So here I'm going to enter is one or is two. Once I select apply filter, you can see that our visualization has changed and we can see the accident count according to the driver's sex. From here you can change the type of visualization. At the moment it's a table, but you could also select a column chart, a stacked bar chart, or a pie chart. You can even change the disk order and color. And that's it for this video. Thanks for watching. And we'll see you in the next session.

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