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Explore the 3 AWS services, designed to help protect your web applications from external malicious activity, with this course. Once getting started, this course will delve into depth on all three services, comprised of AWS Web Application Firewall Service (WAF), AWS Firewall Manager and AWS Shield. By learning how all three services can be used together for enhanced protection of web applications you enterprise will wholly benefit from all the advantages that these services have to offer.

Study the core principles, understand the importance and discuss how protecting web apps with AWS can elevate your business to the next level with this cohesive course made up of 14 lectures, including demos.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a core foundation of what AWS WAF is and what it does
  • Knowledge of how to configure and implement a WAF solution
  • Analyze how AWS WAF works closely with AWS CloudFront
  • An understanding of how AWS Firewall Manager can be used to help you control AWS WAF across multiple accounts
  • How AWS Shield is protecting Distributed Denial of Service attacks
  • An awareness of different types of DDoS attacks
  • An awareness of the step involved in configuring AWS Shield Advanced

Intended Audience

  • Security architects
  • Technical engineers
  • Website administrators
  • Anyone requiring a deeper understanding of WAF, Shield, and Firewall Manager


Cloud Academy would recommend having a basic understanding of the following, before starting this course:

  • Amazon CloudFront Distributions
  • AWS Application Load Balancer
  • AWS Organizations
  • The 7 layers of the OSI model

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Hello and welcome to this lecture on pricing. This lecture will explain key points of AWS WAF pricing so there are no surprises. We know that pricing can can be a bit frustrating to understand at times. There are only three chargeable elements of AWS WAF, these being the number of incoming requests that WAF has to process, the number of Web ACLs that you have, and also the number of Rules within each of the Web ACLs. Do be aware however, that these costs are in addition to any AWS CloudFront costs that you have as they are an entirely different service with a different pricing structure and model. I briefly mentioned earlier within this course that you can use the same Web ACL on a number of different CloudFront distributions and that this doesn't affect your limitations of WAF. Similarly, this is true for charging. You will not be charged extra for assigning the same Web ACL to multiple distributions. As you may be aware for some AWS services, pricing can change for the same service depending on which region you deploy that service in. However with AWS WAF, it is currently a flat charge regardless. With that in mind, the charges are as follows. For incoming requests, you are charged $0.60 per million web requests. For each Web ACL, you are charged $5 per Web ACL per month. 

And with regards to your number of Rules per Web ACL, you are charged $1 per rule, per Web ACL per month. Note that there are no upfront costs to use WAF. It is charged purely on the three elements I just discussed so it can be quite easy to estimate how much this service is going to cost you across multiple CloudFront distributions. Let's put an example around this pricing and see how easy it is to create pricing estimates. Let's say you have five CloudFront distributions. Three distributions will have the same Web ACL and seven rules, and the other two will have their own Web ACL, each with five Rules. In total your CloudFront distributions have been calculated to have approximately five million requests per month. So the charge for the number of Web ACLs would be 3 x $5 which is $15 per month, because remember, three of the Web ACLs are the same. And the charge for the number of Rules per Web ACL would be 7 + 5 + 5, 'cause remember three of the distributions owes in the same Web ACL with the same rules. Multiply that by $1 is $17 per month. And then the number of incoming requests would be 5 x $0.60 which is $3 per month. So the total per month for this solution would be $15 + $17 + 3 which is $35 per month. As you can see, it's fairly easy to predict your spending with WAF as long as your have basic analytics of request rate for your distributions. That has now brought me to the end of this lecture on pricing. Coming up next I shall be discussing the AWS Firewall manager which works closely with AWS WAF.

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