QA Digital Capabilities - Learning as a Service

25m 24s

In the QA Digital team, we are learning experts. We understand how people learn. Combined with our expertise in technology and innovative design this makes us much more than a bespoke digital agency.

We don’t expect you to remember everything that Digital can do and we want you to feel confident when talking to clients about the range of solutions that we can offer, so we’ve compiled a lesson to help you understand what we can do to help your customers.

About the Author
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Andrew is fanatical about helping business teams gain the maximum ROI possible from adopting, using, and optimizing Public Cloud Services. Having built  70+ Cloud Academy courses, Andrew has helped over 50,000 students master cloud computing by sharing the skills and experiences he gained during 20+  years leading digital teams in code and consulting. Before joining Cloud Academy, Andrew worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.