re:Invent STG207 Introduction
re:Invent STG207 Introduction

This course introduces the learning path designed to help you get the most from the re:Invent session STG207: Best Practices for moving your data to AWS, online and offline.


Hello, and welcome to this learning path, my name is Stuart Scott and I’m the AWS Content Director here at Cloud Academy.  

I’ve designed this content to help you get the most from the re:Invent session STG207: Best Practices for moving your data to AWS, online and offline.

As highlighted by AWS, this session explores how you can use AWS DataSync and the AWS Snow Family (AWS Snowcone, AWS Snowball, and AWS Snowmobile) to accelerate moving your data to Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and Amazon FSx. It also highlights use cases, best practices, when to choose online or offline methods, and how to use the Snow Family and DataSync together.

Now, It’s likely that not everyone has been exposed to the services that are going to be discussed in this session so I’ve curated this customized learning path which can be broken down into 3 distinct sections.  Firstly we have a series of courses to help you understand the fundamentals of the topics and services that will be highlighted during the re:Invent session to allow you to follow the concepts mentioned. This will make it easier to absorb information in the session that follows, enabling you to understand the insights and key takeaways during the talk at a greater level.

Next, we have the re:Invent Breakout session itself which you can attend or view.

And then after you have taken this session by AWS, you can take the STG207 assessment which will allow you to test your knowledge of the topics that have been discussed throughout the learning path.  

If you have any questions as you progress through our content, feel free to connect with me with any questions using the details shown on the screen. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with us here at Cloud Academy by sending an e-mail to where one of our cloud experts will reply to your question.

Ok, let’s get started! 





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