Scaling GPUs with EC2 UltraClusters

2m 49s

In this lesson, you’re going to learn about High-Performance Cloud computing with Amazon's EC2 UltraClusters.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you will have an understanding of high-performance computing including:

  • The core principles of GPU Computing

  • An overview of Amazon's EC2 UltraClusters

  • Amazon’s GPU powered instances, EC2 P5 and EC2 P4d

  • Amazons Tranium Accelerator powered instances, EC2 Trn1

  • The scaling capabilities of these instances within EC2 UltraClusters

Intended Audience

  • This lesson has been created for those who are interested in High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning, and Generative AI


About the Author

Deniz is a dedicated AWS content creator at Cloud Academy, holding 5 AWS certifications. He is passionate about breaking down complex concepts into understandable and engaging content to help learners.

Beyond his role at Cloud Academy, he runs a YouTube channel, "Hands-On With Digital Den," where he creates practical projects, tutorials, and demos related to AWS, making learning effective and enjoyable.

Deniz graduated in law and worked as a legal caseworker before transitioning to the cloud industry. Outside of work, he enjoys playing football, boxing and participating in motorcycle track days.

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