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This course will help to ensure you have the most secure cryptocurrency setup possible, which is fundamental in ensuring that your cryptocurrency isn't vulnerable to hackers.


Welcome to the final lecture in this section, where we'll summarize everything we went over. Following, which will move on to the next section, which will dive deeper into the ecosystem. You should now have a clearer understanding when it comes to securing your cryptocurrencies. An aspect of this ecosystem which I feel is very much underplayed and not discussed enough. So, for your reference, here is what we discussed in each lecture of this section should you wish to refer back to them. One, the importance of security. In this lecture, we highlighted the reason why security in the Cryptocurrency space is so important. Personally, I believe it's something that is not discussed as much as it should be. Two, how to safeguard your portfolio. In this in depth lecture, we went over safeguarding techniques you can put into practice when it comes to securing your portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It was in depth, but sure I included many techniques that can be implemented right away. Three, hot wallets verse cold wallets. Moving on, we once again discussed the topic of hot and cold wallets. However, in this lecture we went far more in depth ensuring you understood the essence of Cryptocurrency wallets. Four, choosing a Cryptocurrency exchange. Finally, we touched upon how to choose a Cryptocurrency exchange for your needs, helping you to independently choose secure sites going forward. So, that's everything for this quick summary, should you wish to refer back to a specific lecture in this section. We look forward to seeing you in the next section of this course, where we'll be doing an old coin deep dive basically highlighting a range of other cryptocurrencies for you. See you there.

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