AWS Security Hub Integrations
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In this section of the AWS Certified: SAP on AWS Specialty learning path, we introduce you to the various Security services currently available in AWS that are relevant to the PAS-C01 exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the purpose of AWS user and identity management
  • Identify resources and capabilities for AWS network security
  • Understand how to evaluate the security of an AWS environment
  • Describe AWS services used to create a comprehensive security solution for SAP deployments


The AWS Certified: SAP on AWS Specialty certification has been designed for anyone who has experience managing and operating SAP workloads. Ideally you’ll also have some exposure to the design and implementation of SAP workloads on AWS, including migrating these workloads from on-premises environments. Many exam questions will require a solutions architect level of knowledge for many AWS services, including AWS Security services. All of the AWS Cloud concepts introduced in this course will be explained and reinforced from the ground up.


With AWS Security Hub enabled, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector and Amazon Macie findings are automatically sent to Security Hub as the single point of access and remediation for security issues. On the first item, we notice that Security Hub uses AWS Config rules to perform most of its security checks for controls. On the second item, we notice AWS Security Hub automatically runs continuous, account-level configuration and security checks based on AWS best practices and industry standards.

On the third item we note, AWS Security Hub supports integration with Amazon EventBridge to automatically send notifications and remediation details of security findings. You can use custom actions to send results to a ticketing system or to an automated remediation service.

Now in this next diagram, things are a little more advanced. It's important to note that AWS Security Hub findings can display results from AWS services that include GuardDuty, Inspector, Macie, AWS Firewall, AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager and AWS Identity and Access Management Access Analyzer among many others. There's a total of over a dozen services that AWS Security Hub is able to integrate into a single point of viewing for security findings. I have no doubt, the list will continue to grow as time goes by.

For now, it's important, especially for beginners, to have a sense of the benefit delivered by the individual services that AWS Security Hub aggregates. Let's briefly discuss the first three services that integrated with security hub. They are Amazon Inspector, Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon Macie. We're going to keep things simple, so please don't worry. We'll discuss the main benefits and take a look at some sample findings from screens for each of them. We'll return to our discussion of AWS Security Hub shortly after.

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