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This course provides a deep dive into the Solidity programming language which is used to implement smart contracts on blockchain platforms. This course will give you a practical understanding of Solidity and how to develop your own smart contracts.


Now, when you start with this project over here, then you have two choices. The one is you can follow the videos, you can write the code yourself, and you can follow along. The other way is you can have a look at the sample code snippets that I provided in the GitHub repository over here that you see in the screen here. And you can find the link to this GitHub repository also in the description of this lecture. Now, it's currently empty. I will fill it up as we go along and the code is in these folders. And particularly for our next lecture, the first smart contract lecture, I'm going to be working in the /S01/C01 - Hello World folder. And I will always show you at each lecture in which folder I'm working in. Now, why have I chosen GitHub? Because Solidity changes over time. And if there are any bug fixes necessary, then you can easily just git pull from this GitHub repository and get the latest updates. How do you get initially to this Git repository? How can you download this? If you've never worked with Git, then the first thing that you have to do is you have to download Git. And you can do this if you simply Google for 'git download' or go directly to 'git-scm.com/downloads'. And then you can download Git for your operating system with macOS, or Windows, or Linux. After you've installed it, it should work for all platforms the same way. And once you've done this, you have to open a terminal on Linux or macOS or you can open a PowerShell on Windows. And I'm going to do this now in an empty folder here on my hard drive. And I do this by holding 'Shift' on my keyboard and 'right-clicking'. And then, it gives me in this Context Menu, 'Open PowerShell window here'. Alternatively, you can just go into your Start Menu and then open the PowerShell Window there and go to an empty directory. So, I'm here in an empty directory. And the way I want to download this over here is by Clone or download. And you want to use this HTTPS tag and just copy this. Go back to your 'PowerShell Window' and then say, 'git clone'. And then, 'right-click' into this PowerShell Window with your mouse and it will paste the URL of this repository. And what happens next is it's cloning into the 'codestars_blockchain_course'. And over here, you have this repository. Now, that way, you download it only once. And if you want to download it more than once, this way you can always get the code for this course. And for the next lecture, we're going to start in S01. C01 for code example 01.


About the Author

Tom is a CTO, senior back-end developer, and systems architect with over twenty years of hands-on development experience in a variety of languages and systems. He has a CS master's degree and has been working with Ethereum and blockchain technologies since 2016.

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