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Learn SQL - Introduction



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Learn SQL - From Newbie to Ninja
SQL - Newbie to Ninja LP - Introduction


SQL - Learning path Introduction 


- Hello, and welcome to this learn SQL, Newbie to Ninja learning path. My name is Andy Larkin and I'll be your tutor for this course. So, if you want to learn how to use the Structured Query Language to create, query and manipulate data in relational databases, then this learning path is for you. This collection of courses and hands-on labs teaches you the basics before we advance in skills and how-to knowledge and hands-on expertise to work through and solve complex business issues using SQL. You can start this learning path with little or no knowledge of SQL and emerge a confident SQL practitioner. So this learning path provides an ideal start point for anyone wanting to get started with database management, data science, solution architecture or writing applications that need to interface with databases or datasets. The learning path provides a lab environment for practical learning, so it will help if you have a basic understanding of compute concepts so you get the most from this learning path. So this learning path starts with an introduction to the Structured Query Language. What SQL is, how we use it and why it exists as a form of data manipulation. We then learn how to read and write data using structures created with the language SQL, before practicing some basic select commands in a lab environment. 

We then do working with SQL, where we learn how SQL can be used to alter and delete tables, and how we can use primary and foreign keys to organize information. We examine common joins between tables in relational databases. We then delve into inner, outer, left and right joins before learning to manipulate data using the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE functions. We have a series of labs to help us get our heads around those concepts. Do not worry, they may sound complicated now but the labs will help you get hands-on experience with using these functions. 

Then we progress into our SQL masterclass, where we go beyond the basics to empower you with the skills, how-to knowledge and hands-on expertise to work through and solve complex business issues with SQL. So we're gonna go deep and hands-on with transactions, subqueries, inline views, summarized queries, the exists predicate and set operations. Then we're gonna get really, really practical. We're gonna solve a real-world data scenario using SQL to import and validate data from CSV files that have been captured from ATM machines. Very real, very practical, very useful. So by the end of this learning path, you will be able to recognize and explain the Structured Query Language and you'll be able to read and write SQL commands. Now we welcome all questions, comments and feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us at support@cloudacademy.com if you have any questions or you want to provide any feedback on the content. All right, so if you're ready, let's get started.

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